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Keep in Shape at Prime: Workouts for a Healthy Body and Mind

Did you know that mental and physical health are connected? In fact, they’re so strongly linked that neglecting one can have dire consequences for the other. To keep both your body and mind healthy, older adults should choose physical exercises that also target the five cognitive processes: memory, attention, language, visual-spacial, and executive function

Do Yoga for Memory

Yoga may be about being in tune with the present, but studies show yoga can improve memory. Not only does yoga require a surprising amount of physical effort, it creates new neural pathways and reduces the risk of dementia. Sign up for one of our mindfulness classes in the fitness center to give both your mind and body a good workout.

Try Hydrotherapy for Attention

To strengthen your concentration and attention span, go for a walk in our on-site hydrotherapy pool. Download your favorite podcast, grab a waterproof case for your phone and spend the afternoon focusing on improving your physical and mental health.

Play Pickleball for Language  

If you aren’t a pickleball player, there are some important terms to learn before you begin. Adding new words to your vocabulary is crucial to improving language. Even if you are a “pickler,” you can still improve this skill while playing at Prime. Listen to a podcast or an e-book, or use one of our favorite language apps, Duolingo, while you’re on our court.

Walk for Visual-Spatial

Prime West Knoxville is perfectly placed in a walkable neighborhood. When you’re out on a stroll, take in the scenery and opt for a new route each time to experience new views. We also recommend playing games, such as guessing how many seconds or steps away you are from an upcoming stop sign. This tests your spatial anticipation, orientation, and more.

Golf for Executive Function

Executive functions include reasoning and problem-solving. To challenge this area of the mind, you could play chess or attend any of the educational classes on our activities calendar, but we recommend picking up a putter and heading to our 18-hole putting green. Using geometry and strategy to score a hole-in-one is a fun (and physical) way to improve executive function.

Prime Independent Living is Here to Help

The World Health Organization puts it this way, “There is no health without mental health.” Finding ways to exercise your brain, not just your body, is crucial, especially for seniors. Contact us today to learn more ways our independent living community can help you stay healthy in both mind and body.

5 Reasons to Choose Independent Living

When it comes time to retire, older adults have a lot of options. While it may sound tempting to stay at the home you’ve raised a family in, many seniors are finding that they prefer the companionship and maintenance-free lifestyle of a vibrant independent living community. That’s precisely what we offer at Prime West Knoxville. From the pickle-ball court and 18-hole putting green to the hydroponic garden and cafe with unlimited ice cream, we encourage retirees to stay active and make lifelong connections in a welcoming environment. Not sure if independent living is right for you? Here are our top five reasons why Prime may make you change your mind.

1.     Community

Building new friendships with your neighbors is easy in a community with expansive common areas, restaurant-style dining, and a manicured courtyard that invites you to stroll the grounds. We also encourage connection through our regularly scheduled activities, fitness classes, and group trips.

2.     Amenities

Tired of being stuck at home with nothing to do? Seniors at Prime can start the day joining their friends for a cup of coffee before hitting the 18-hole putting green or fitness center. With a walkable neighborhood that puts you near local shops and grocery stores, you’re sure to get your steps in. Gather the ingredients you need to treat your friends to a hometown favorite dish and then head back to the full kitchen in your private apartment to start cooking.

3.     Security

At Prime, safety is our highest priority to ensure the well-being of our residents. To this end, Prime utilizes security cameras as well as a wireless call system to assist residents in case of an emergency.

4.     Housekeeping

Maintenance-free living means you don’t have to spend your weekends on chores. Make the most out of your retirement in an independent living community that handles the boring stuff for you so you can spend more time doing the things you love with your friends and family.

5.     Peace of Mind

When all of your home expenses are handled in one affordable monthly fee, then you have the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy the great things in life. From the utilities and Wi-Fi to your daily garden-fresh meals, everything is included so you never have to reach for your wallet when you’re at home.

Life Is Fun at Prime

As you weigh your future housing options, we hope you’ll consider Prime because we put you first. If all-inclusive, safe, maintenance-free living sounds like the perfect lifestyle for you and your loved ones, contact us today to learn more about our flagship community, Prime West Knoxville.

Prime Senior Management Breaks Ground on Independent Living Community in West Knoxville

New senior apartments to open mid-2020 in Northshore residential area

KNOXVILLE – Senior housing is soon to become more affordable for middle-class seniors in Knoxville. Development is now underway for Prime West Knoxville, a new independent living community with 145 one- and two-bedroom apartments. The community, located at 1932 Falling Waters Road, is designed specifically for physically and socially active seniors. Prime’s management team broke ground March 20 on the $26 million project, which is scheduled to open in summer 2020.

Joel Locker, Prime’s Chief Executive Officer, attended the initial groundbreaking alongside President of Development Greg Craft, President of Operations Debra Maynard, and President of Project Development Brett Massey. Prime Senior Management, which is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, will develop and manage the property. As a newcomer in the senior living space, Prime’s goal is to provide high-quality accommodations to middle-class seniors, an underserved population that Maynard says is facing an affordability crisis. 

“Our core mission is focused on providing accommodations to active, healthy seniors occupying the mid-market,” says Maynard. “Without sacrificing a high quality of life, Prime will focus on providing these essential opportunities to densely populated suburban areas. With a booming economic climate, West Knoxville was the ideal location for our inaugural community.” 

Prime West Knoxville will combine innovative healthcare technology with southern hospitality to promote social engagement and inclusivity. Prime will balance casual living with an emphasis on social activities, from group excursions and holiday events to a community hydroponic garden and communal dining. Apartment floor plans include spacious living areas, well-sized closets, and full kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Future residents can also expect features such as large bathrooms with step-in showers and either patios or balconies. 

Maynard adds, “Prime West Knoxville intends to break the mold on what to expect from senior living. Our goal is to serve the middle market while providing an environment that encourages resident growth and exploration at any age.” 

View the full press release at the Knoxville Daily Sun.

4 Easy Tech Hacks for Seniors

Evolving digital tech is about so much more than social media, streaming music, and access to your favorite TV shows and movies. You can use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to make your life much easier! We’ve listed some of the best tech hacks for seniors to help you streamline your daily routines and spend more time enjoying your favorite activities.

1. Put Your Smart Camera to Work

Your smart device’s camera can be used for a lot more than selfies with the grandkids. Take a photo of your parking spot to locate your vehicle more quickly after running errands or snap a pic of your fridge or pantry as a reminder of which items to buy at the grocery store. If you find it challenging to read recipes and labels with small print, shoot a pic and then ‘zoom in’ to enlarge the text for easier reading. It’s also a handy idea to take pictures of important items such as medicine bottles, emergency contact numbers, and insurance cards for easy access during doctor and pharmacy visits.  

2. Complete Your Tasks Online

Another convenient idea is to order your groceries online and let someone else do the shopping for you. While the Kroger shopping center is within walking distance of Prime West Knoxville, grocery pick-up and delivery is a great option for busy seniors. For a membership fee, Shipt and Instacart also have same-day home grocery delivery from your favorite stores like Target, Publix, Food City, CVS, Whole Foods, and Petco. Ask your doctor or dentist if you can schedule an appointment online instead of waiting around on the phone. Many apps and computer programs feature calendar-reminder notifications, so you don’t have to keep up with handwritten notes.

3. Smart Apps = Smart Organization

No matter if you’re an Apple fan or you prefer your Google Android phone, there are apps you can download to help organize your life. Here are our top picks:

4. Let a Virtual Assistant Help

Voice-activated virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Home offer support with many daily tasks, including:

  • Setting up medication reminders
  • Scheduling a medical or dental appointment
  • Creating lists for other important tasks and events
  • Ordering food delivery or shopping online

Life Made Easy at Prime West Knoxville

While these tech hacks will simplify your life and save time, the best life hack of all is making a Prime community your new home! All-inclusive, maintenance-free living means you can spend those extra minutes in your day relaxing or enjoying all the fun activities at Prime. Contact us today to learn more about our flagship community, Prime West Knoxville.

Pickleball: The Fastest Growing Sport for Seniors

What do you picture when you think of staying active into your golden years? Repetitive treadmill jogging? Grainy Jane Fonda video tapes? Some seniors struggle with getting the necessary physical activity they need to live their best and healthiest lives, in part because exercise can be boring. At Prime Independent Living, we understand, and we’ve found a remedy. Ever heard of Pickleball? It’s the country’s fastest growing sport for seniors and it’s anything but dull!

Get In on the Game

Pickleball is best described as a cross between tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Played in a space that’s about one-third the size of a tennis court, “picklers” often pair up for doubles (two on each team), though the game can also be played by singles. Each participant uses a paddle, and the ball resembles a wiffle ball. A match typically lasts around 10 to 20 minutes and ends when one team has reached 11 points.

Why Pickleball Is Perfect for Older Adults

Why is Pickleball such a popular sport for seniors? For starters, the court is the perfect size to encourage movement—without requiring players to sprint long distances. That cardio does wonders for your health (and your mood). According to MUSC Health, light aerobic workout is known to prevent hypertension, strokes, and heart attacks. As an added benefit, the proximity to other players allows for plenty of conversation. Pickleball is the perfect sport for combining physical engagement with the fun of a social get-together.

The size of the court coupled with the lightness of the ball lends to less vigorous play. Rather than running after a quick-flying, heavier ball, Pickleball keeps things moving but in a much more controlled manner. In addition, the lightweight paddles are much easier on your joints. Picklers often comment on how enjoyable they find the game as a result. You don’t need to be a world-class athlete to excel at this game. Just grab a paddle, bring a friend, and make exercise fun again!

Come Join Us on the Court!

Prime Independent Living’s West Knoxville location will have Pickleball courts for our residents to enjoy, and we hope to see you there. Contact us today to learn how you can reserve your apartment in our active independent living community.

The Perfect Companion: The Benefits of Pets for Seniors

As research evolves on animal and human interactions, animal-assisted therapy has become a more popular and sought-after method of comfort and aid in health care. Some studies show that pets can lower stress and improve cardiovascular health. For example, therapy dogs are a common presence at hospitals, medical schools, and universities, to provide a calming presence for patients in vulnerable situations. Animals offer a variety of health- and wellness-related benefits, both physical and mental.

Pets can provide heartwarming and loyal companionship to seniors at Prime West Knoxville, which is a pet friendly residence. If you’re thinking about pet adoption, consider a few potential benefits of sharing your home with a furry friend.

Staying Active

Pet ownership encourages regular physical activity. Enjoy walks together exploring your neighborhood or playing catch in the park. While cat owners tend to engage in less-active play, like using toys on a string, even this lower-impact activity can be beneficial. Increased physical activity contributes to your overall heart health and wellness.

Reducing Anxiety & Stress

Pets can have a calming effect and help reduce anxiety in their human friends. Pet companionship decreases loneliness and may even contribute to a more expanded human community. You can connect with fellow residents who also share their lives with pets and exchange tips and tricks for training and managing your particular breed or rescue.

Mental Stimulation & Bonding

You may have heard that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but even a generally well-behaved pet that you’ve had for years may need a little extra training. This shared purpose can be beneficial to both the animal and the human. Learning new ways to train your dog not only encourages your mental stimulation, but it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your four-legged friend. A trained dog is typically a happier dog, and good manners also make for a happier pet owner.

Feline Fine: Cat Owners Enjoy Benefits, Too!

Although dogs make great companions for more active older adults, some people naturally gravitate more towards cats. Although cats require less exercise and often less attention than dogs, the bonding relationship has still been shown to improve mood and general well-being.

Contact Our Pet-Friendly Community

Prime Independent Living is dedicated to building middle-market senior living communities designed with our residents’ happiness in mind, which often includes bringing a pet along. Learn more about our newest community, Prime West Knoxville, when you contact our team today.

Google Arts & Culture: Tour Top Museums Up Close

Whether you’re a seasoned museum hopper or newcomer to the art world, Google’s Arts & Culture website offers a customized, up-close virtual museum experience like no other. If you own a smart device (Android, iPhone, or iPad), download the companion app through Apple iTunes or Google Play to visit over 1,200 museums around the globe from the convenience of your living room.

Immerse yourself in the world of Raphael, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and other celebrated artists. With thousands of articles, photos, videos, and manuscripts, there is an array of educational materials for every stage of learning.

Create a Virtual Reality (VR) Experience

With a Google Cardboard (VR viewer) and smartphone, take a 360-degree guided tour of beautiful art exhibits and collections, and explore museums and galleries at your own pace. Google Cardboard is currently available for purchase on Amazon for $15. With Google Cardboard, you can zoom in on specific artworks to see microscopic details as if you were there in person—minus the crowds.

Explore Top ‘Arts & Culture’ Features:

  • Find Your art twin. Take a ‘selfie’ or photo of yourself, upload it from your smart device, and you’ll discover a work of art from a collection of more than 70,000 paintings that most resembles you.  
  • Have a favorite color or period? Search for artworks based on your preferences.
  • Save and share favorite artworks or collections with friends and family.
  • Discover museums and events in and around Knoxville with the ‘Nearby’ feature.
  • When you visit a museum in-person, point your device’s camera at artworks to learn more, where permissible.

While Prime West Knoxville plans great trips and outings for our independent living residents, virtual reality is a great way for older adults to explore new sights. With the many exhibits and artworks on Google Arts & Culture, you’ll be a culture expert in no time. Ready to get started? Explore these nine popular virtual reality tours.

Top Music Apps & Websites for Senior Adults

Did you know that listening to your favorite songs stimulates your entire brain? Music is linked to memories, and that bit of nostalgia we all enjoy gives the mind a real workout! John Hopkins Medicine says, “If you want to firm up your body, head to the gym. If you want to exercise your brain, listen to music.”

Luckily, you don’t have to hunt for a record store to find all of the top hits of yesteryear. Here are a few websites and apps for accessing all of your favorites!


Are you a loyal fan—one who sticks with what you know and love, happily listening to your favorites on repeat? If so, Spotify is a great website and app for you. Known as the go-to for folks who want to create their own playlists, Spotify will let you listen to exactly what you’re looking for, whenever you want it. Not sure where to get started? The Decades section allows you to choose pre-made playlists that let you rewind to the ‘20s, ‘40s, and ‘50s.


Feeling adventurous? Pandora may be the perfect app for you if you enjoy exploring genres and new artists. Accessible on your tablet, phone, or computer, Pandora is ideal for those who want to find new favorites. Start a Frank Sinatra station and in addition to hits from Ol’ Blue Eyes, you’ll hear tunes from Dean Martin, Perry Como, The Rat Pack, and similar artists.


What sets iHeartRadio apart from the competition is its roster of live AM and FM radio streams from all around the globe. From talk radio and religious programming to new hits and classic oldies, there’s something for everyone. Another plus? iHeartRadio also allows users to switch to the playlists section to check out music from different genres or decades.

If your life had a soundtrack, what would people hear when they pressed play? With the help of these streaming services, you can set the tunes to fit the mood, whether you’re strolling around our courtyard, preparing for the day of outings, or winding down in the evening.  

Seniors Changing Lives: Volunteer Your Time

Did you know? Sharing your time and talents can change lives, while also improving your mental and physical health. That’s why millions of seniors stay active and engaged in their local communities through volunteering. Here’s how seniors in Knoxville can lend a hand around town.

Help a Furry Friend

Assist your local humane society caring for rescue dogs and cats, and helping with animal adoptions. Regular animal interactions can also benefit your emotional, physical, and mental health.

In Your Neighborhood: This Knoxville-area Humane Society is the longest-standing animal shelter in Tennessee. Register for a volunteer orientation to learn how you can help.

Share Your Talents

Have a specific skill or interest? There are plenty of opportunities to pool knowledge and give back to others. Sharing your skills and experience helps those in need, but it also can give your self-confidence a boost and keep your mind active.

In Your Neighborhood: Do you love to cook or drive? The Love Kitchen provides meals to the homebound and homeless in Knoxville. Volunteers help prepare and deliver food weekly. Apply on their website to volunteer.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Many organizations focus on gardening, building, and clean-up projects to improve the local landscape. Engaging in outdoor activities may elevate your mood and physical health.

In Your Neighborhood: Keep Knoxville Beautiful volunteers plant bulbs and trees, paint over graffiti, remove litter in public spaces, and much more. Get more information on the organization’s website.

Teach, Tutor, or Mentor Youth

Share your expertise and life experiences with tomorrow’s grownups. Intergenerational relationships are mutually beneficial, providing a greater sense of purpose and self-confidence to both adult and child.

In Your Neighborhood: Big Brothers, Big Sisters of East Tennessee pairs a supportive adult mentor with a child facing adversity. Learn how to make an impact on a young person’s life.

With these resources, finding the right volunteer opportunity is just a few clicks away. Prime Independent Living understands the importance of giving back, which is why we support our Prime Ambassadors and Innovators dedicated to living a life of service.

Fraud Awareness Keeps Seniors Financially Secure

At Prime Independent Living, we know that you’ve spent your life working hard, diligently saving, and planning for each new adventure. Unfortunately, so do those seeking to perpetrate fraud. The FBI warns that fraudsters are betting you have a nest egg and that you likely aren’t on the lookout for someone to take it. As with many crimes, one of the best ways to fight back is to educate yourself.

What types of senior scams should I look out for?

According to the National Council on Aging, scams targeting older adults are considered, “the crime of the 21st century.” One of the most common scams is a phone call from the Social Security Administration. Someone posing as a representative will claim they need to verify some information and ask you to share personal details over the phone. This request is usually coupled with a threat of legal action if the information is not provided – a situation anyone would want to avoid. What do you do in this scenario?

NCOA states that the best rule of thumb is to hang up, even if they share correct, personal information about you. Know that the Social Security Administration (or bank, or insurance company), “will rarely contact persons by phone … and they never make threats of arrest or legal action,” per the NCOA.

Another common scheme is when an individual calls claiming to be a relative (often a grandchild) in distress, and in need of money. The NCOA calls this the “grandparent scam.” Talk about pulling on your heartstrings! Thankfully, this one is also simple to handle. All you need to do is tell the caller you will call them back on the number you have for them. That’s it! If they are who they say they are, they’ll answer the phone when you return the call.

Securing Your Financial Future Today

You’ve worked hard to be able to retire with your peace of mind and finances intact. That’s why Prime Independent Living is committed to sharing the latest senior fraud prevention research.

But ensuring your financial future is about more than just being on the lookout for scammers. We pride ourselves on offering an affordable option for seniors looking to live in a community with convenient amenities and services. Reach out to us today to discover how we can achieve more together.

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