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Fitness & Physical Therapy for Seniors at Your Doorstep!

Senior wellness is at the core of Prime West Knoxville’s vision, which is why we built our new community with active seniors in mind. Catch a game of pickleball with friends or enjoy a leisurely round of golf on the 18-hole putting green. For more traditional workouts, a hydrotherapy treadmill and 24-hour fitness center are readily available. What’s more, our professional physical therapy team from AGEILITY is ready to help new residents who need extra care and attention reach their full fitness potential.

Physical Therapy for Knoxville Seniors

Senior fitness expert John Wheeler has a clear goal for physical therapy services at Prime West Knoxville: to empower our independent living residents to maximize their strength, balance, and endurance. 

As Director of Personal Fitness and Training for AGEILITY Physical Therapy Solutions, John’s mission to ensure seniors from the Prime community have all the support they need regardless of their age or current fitness level.

John Wheeler, Director of
Personal Fitness and Training for
AGEILITY Physical Therapy Solutions

Prime’s AGEILITY clinic includes a rehabilitation director, several therapists, and a personal trainer. The team of licensed professionals help residents with a variety of age-related issues such as fall prevention, chronic and acute pain management and prevention, strength and flexibility training, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Seniors receive one-on-one treatments on-site at Prime West Knoxville to build their strength and endurance levels or join group workouts. 

Independent Living Designed with Health & Wellness in Mind

At Prime West Knoxville, we’ve built our community with fitness and wellness at the top of our minds. From the pickleball court and 18-hole putting green to the 24-hour fitness center and hydrotherapy treadmill, there are a number of ways for residents to get the physical activity they need to thrive. Schedule a tour today to see all our community has to offer active older adults.

Advice for Seniors: How to Transition into Retirement

Making the transition into retirement can seem daunting, but carving out a careful plan for the future can help take away any stress. Starting with small steps is a great way to feel positive about the future.

Plan Your Finances

The first step to a happy retirement is working out your financial plan. What assets and income do you have and what expenses will you need to cover? When working out your retirement finances, you’ll also need to take into account your tax liabilities. You might find it helpful to use an online retirement income calculator. If the uncertainty of a global pandemic makes you anxious, think about ways you can protect your retirement savings during the coronavirus scare, such as diversifying your portfolio.

Less Work, More Play

Ending your daily 9-to-5 too abruptly can feel disconcerting, but cutting back your hours to part-time allows you to gradually introduce more leisure time into your schedule. Sign up for talks or webinars or try out a yoga or Zumba class. Websites such as Facebook and Meetup regularly post events like hiking get-togethers and online language classes. 

Embrace Your Passions

Any change in life can be overwhelming, so find peace and joy in the things you love. Gardening and being outside in nature are well documented for reducing stress. Research also shows that volunteering later in life can result in good mental health and well-being. What are the things you’ve always wanted to do and where are places you’d like to go? Can you begin your senior years writing, recording music, or making your own wine?  

Find Your Community

Many seniors find a new lease on life and their social life revitalized when they join a retirement community. At Prime West Knoxville, we’ve made it our mission to create a vibrant independent living community with a philosophy of fun. From pickleball and putting tournaments to book clubs, quilting groups, and cooking classes, you’ll find plenty of ways to keep busy.

Enjoy a Smooth Transition into Retirement at Prime West Knoxville

Interested in finding out more about life in our friendly community? Reach out to us today to arrange a tour. Scheduled virtual tours are also available. Call (865) 219-2910 to learn more.

Meet Christina Hampton, Sales & Marketing Director of Prime West Knoxville

Have you heard the latest buzz about Prime? Whether you found us from our Facebook page or saw our special Prime car cruising around town, there’s a team behind every effort to get the word out about our new independent living community in West Knoxville. Prior to joining Prime West Knoxville as its founding Sales & Marketing Director, Christina Hampton worked as an activity program director in the assisted living field, as well as a caregiver. The sales and marketing approach she brings to independent living in Knoxville, TN, comes from the heart.  

Hampton’s Heartfelt Approach to Independent Living in Knoxville

As Hampton takes the reins as Prime West Knoxville’s Sales and Marketing Director, she’s focused on helping older adults live their best lives and spreading that sentiment far and wide in the community. 

“I’m super passionate about this work,” says Hampton, a mother of three, who was born and raised in Knoxville. “Before I moved into marketing, I was a caregiver and an activity program director for memory care. In my experience, seniors benefit from being social and active, and that is at the heart of Prime’s vision. They believe the residents deserve the best and that’s very evident in what’s being built here.”

Prime’s West Knoxville Independent Living will open later this year, offering seniors access to a vibrant community at budget-friendly prices. With a focus on fun, residents can choose to spend their time mingling with friends at the courtyard cafe, fitness center, hair and nail salon, or tending to the hydroponic garden.

“The amenities are amazing,” says Hampton. “Everything residents need is here, including a hydrotherapy treadmill and a pickleball court! I want to move in and I am 33!”

Sales & Marketing Director, Christina Hampton enjoying her new office.

Staying Active in the Knoxville Community

As Hampton works hard to get the message out about Prime, you can expect to see her out and about in Knoxville chatting with active seniors. 

“It’s been good meeting folks,” she says. “I’m having fun talking to people. It’s important for seniors to know this is not a scary time. It’s an exciting time to get the most out of your retirement years. People are surprised by how affordable Prime is, especially as it is all inclusive with food and utility bills included in the price.”

Monthly prices at Prime West Knoxville start at $2395 for a one-bedroom apartment with utilities and basic cable. Residents will be treated to complimentary garden-fresh meals in the all-day dining area and can stop by the courtyard café for unlimited coffee or soft-serve ice cream. The monthly fee also covers an array of activities and amenities such as movie nights, an 18-hole putting green, and a Bark Park exercise area for dogs, since Prime is pet-friendly.

As the mid-2020 launch approaches, Hampton is counting down the days until the doors open to the first residents.  

“I can’t wait to get people here,” she says. “I love seniors, and every day I’ll get to go to grandma and grandpa’s house and hang out! It’s going to be like Disneyworld for seniors. I am so excited!”

Come See What All the Buzz is About

Prime West Knoxville is now open for tours and accepting deposits. Call the office today to learn about our modern apartments and fun community amenities.

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