5 Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Ideas

‘Tis the season for lots of treats, so you may be interested in healthy Thanksgiving recipe ideas that still taste delicious! With your fully equipped kitchen at Prime West Knoxville, you’ll have no trouble tackling everything from turkey and stuffing to pumpkin pie. Still on the hunt for the perfect recipe to impress your loved ones? Check out this list for some seasonal inspiration.

1. Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipe: Healthy Pumpkin Soup

This pumpkin soup recipe only takes a few ingredients to whip up but is packed with loads of flavor and nutrition, making it the perfect kick-off to a great holiday meal. For those with special dietary needs, the coconut milk and pureed cauliflower give the soup a creamy richness without using dairy. 

2. Thanksgiving Main Course Recipe: Apple- and Shallot-stuffed Turkey
By default, turkey is a lean protein, although deep-frying the bird will definitely reduce its nutritional qualities. Opt for an herb-based recipe, or this apple- and shallot-stuffed turkey for a healthy, yet satisfying dish.

3. Thanksgiving Side Recipe #1: Brown and Wild Rice Pecan Stuffing
This wild rice stuffing with fresh sage and rosemary, dried fruits and nuts is a fresh take on the traditional bread stuffing and the perfect complement to a festive Thanksgiving. This is a great make-ahead option as well and reheats nicely the next day (or that same night, let’s be honest).

4. Thanksgiving Side Recipe #2: Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta
The earthy roasted flavor and satisfying crunch of these brussels sprouts pair well with the salty pancetta. Also, this recipe calls for sundried tomatoes, which offer an acidic complement to the richness of the pancetta. Brussels sprouts reheat easily and are packed with nutrients, making this recipe a win-win.  

5. Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe: Apple Coconut Crumble Pie
You might be stuffed at this point, but no one is ever too full for dessert! You can make some subtle adjustments to popular Thanksgiving dessert recipes to ensure they’re just a bit healthier. This apple coconut crumble pie uses nuts, whole wheat flour and coconut oil in the crust for a hearty pie that still offers nutritional value. 

Plenty of Space to Cook Your Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Prime West Knoxville’s cozy living spaces and well-appointed kitchens are ideal for spending holidays with the family. Stainless steel appliances in each apartment and our onsite hydroponic greenhouse give you access to everything you need to cook all of your favorite dishes (and try a new thing or two!) Contact us today to schedule a tour of our new independent living community in West Knoxville.

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