Top 3 Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Older Adults

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for older Americans? Even the most healthy seniors are at a high risk of falling, which is why Prime provides our residents with unique and innovative ways to stay fit and have fun. In addition to our pickleball court and fitness classes, residents have access to our state-of-the-art aquatic treadmill for aquatic therapy.

construction site at prime west knoxville, with hydroworks aquatic treadmill delivered
New Aquatic Treadmill Delivery at Prime West Knoxville Construction Site

Ready to take the first step towards maintaining your health? Here are the top benefits of aquatic therapy and exercise for seniors.

1. Resistance Training

Water is an ideal environment for resistance training. Even without jets or a current, it takes effort to move through the water. A significant benefit of resistance training for older adults is that your muscles will be strengthened and conditioned, without the risk of falls that can accompany land-based exercises.

2. Improved Coordination

As we age, coordination must be mindfully maintained. With sessions on our aquatic treadmill, our residents can safely perform lunges, squats, weightlifting and walking, to improve their coordination. The best part is, the warm water will help prevent injuries by keeping your muscles relaxed as you exercise.

3. Balance Practice

To improve your balancing skills, practice standing on one leg in the water! You can accomplish single-leg activities in a low-impact manner utilizing the water’s buoyancy as support. We can also turn on the jets to provide a combination of balance exercises and resistance training to meet your needs.

Come on In, The Water’s Just Fine at Prime Independent Living

Aquatic therapy is a great trend in senior health as the water naturally challenges your balance, endurance, and strength — all of which positively impact your health. Prime West Knoxville is harnessing the power of water with our aquatic treadmill so you can continue to live your best life right now. Contact us today to learn more about how our community focuses on physical health and fun!

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