4 Benefits of Using Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a fresh peach with its cascade of juice dribbling down your chin, or enjoying a cool tomato salad on a hot day. Fresh ingredients can’t be beat for their health benefits and taste. With a hydroponic garden on-site at Prime West Knoxville, you’ll never lack for fresh fruits and vegetables. But using these fresh ingredients isn’t just about taste. Here are four reasons why we think they’re an important part of our approach to nutrition.

  • More flavorful ingredients

Fresh parsley, succulent carrots, ripe summer squash, the list is extensive. Handpicked fresh fruits and vegetables pack a flavor punch often missing in their frozen, canned or dried counterparts. Homegrown options that taste better may also help motivate you to choose healthier meals and snacks.

  • Pure and simple produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are free of additives like salt and other preservatives. While canned produce and frozen meals are convenient, they can be loaded with sodium and processed preservatives. We think you’ll love the tasty and nutritious meals served in Prime West Knoxville’s dining area, which showcase fresh ingredients from our on-site garden.

  • Experimentation

Prime’s residents are welcome to pick herbs and produce from our hydroponic garden for use in their own kitchens. In your fully equipped kitchen, try changing up your favorite recipes by showcasing in-season produce or simply jazz up your salads with fresh herbs.

  • Community

Join the community of fellow enthusiasts at the hydroponic garden, where you can swap recipes and gardening tips with other residents. You and your new friends can venture out together to explore nearby farmer’s markets for more locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Or perhaps you’ll score an invitation to a tasty dinner?

Garden-fresh Meals at Prime West Knoxville

At Prime West Knoxville Senior Living Community, we’re proud of our hydroponic garden, and we hope you’ll enjoy its bounty as much as we do. We think it’s important for people of all ages to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet, which is why we use our hydroponic garden to prepare meals.

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