Keep in Shape at Prime: Workouts for a Healthy Body and Mind

Did you know that mental and physical health are connected? In fact, they’re so strongly linked that neglecting one can have dire consequences for the other. To keep both your body and mind healthy, older adults should choose physical exercises that also target the five cognitive processes: memory, attention, language, visual-spacial, and executive function

Do Yoga for Memory

Yoga may be about being in tune with the present, but studies show yoga can improve memory. Not only does yoga require a surprising amount of physical effort, it creates new neural pathways and reduces the risk of dementia. Sign up for one of our mindfulness classes in the fitness center to give both your mind and body a good workout.

Try Hydrotherapy for Attention

To strengthen your concentration and attention span, go for a walk in our on-site hydrotherapy pool. Download your favorite podcast, grab a waterproof case for your phone and spend the afternoon focusing on improving your physical and mental health.

Play Pickleball for Language  

If you aren’t a pickleball player, there are some important terms to learn before you begin. Adding new words to your vocabulary is crucial to improving language. Even if you are a “pickler,” you can still improve this skill while playing at Prime. Listen to a podcast or an e-book, or use one of our favorite language apps, Duolingo, while you’re on our court.

Walk for Visual-Spatial

Prime West Knoxville is perfectly placed in a walkable neighborhood. When you’re out on a stroll, take in the scenery and opt for a new route each time to experience new views. We also recommend playing games, such as guessing how many seconds or steps away you are from an upcoming stop sign. This tests your spatial anticipation, orientation, and more.

Golf for Executive Function

Executive functions include reasoning and problem-solving. To challenge this area of the mind, you could play chess or attend any of the educational classes on our activities calendar, but we recommend picking up a putter and heading to our 18-hole putting green. Using geometry and strategy to score a hole-in-one is a fun (and physical) way to improve executive function.

Prime Independent Living is Here to Help

The World Health Organization puts it this way, “There is no health without mental health.” Finding ways to exercise your brain, not just your body, is crucial, especially for seniors. Contact us today to learn more ways our independent living community can help you stay healthy in both mind and body.

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